Текст песни Vanic x Machineheart — Circles

Verse 1:
If you’re looking for a diamond
You gotta sift through the gold
If you’re searching for a way out
you gotta take the new road
If you don’t keep the motion moving
it can all feel the same
In the heart of the city
where the streets are the veins

Oh, when I’m runnin’ low
Oh, when the river’s dry
Oh, can you help me go on?

One more time
we’re gonna get up for this
we’re never gonna, run and hide
if I get tired and say that I wanna
change my mind
pull me in a circle so I can change it
one more time, pull me in a circle, circle
circle, pull me in a circle, circle, circle

Verse 2:
Oh, I know this is heavy
like a weight on your back
But I think that we can carry
carry onto to the last
and we’re laughing and crying oceans
At the smallest of things
But I feel so much better
when we find the release

Pre-Chorus (2nd):
Oh, like a broken light
Oh, the blackest nights
Oh, can you flip the switch on?


I don’t know where I’m going
but I know where I’ve been
and it’s never in the knowing,
It’s in the not giving in
And when the earth is slippin’, trippin’
But underneath that fear
remember we’re not finished
we’re not finished (2x)

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