Текст песни Megosh — Waste of Me

Everybody's somebody
You know how it is
The way the world revolves the times again
Somebody's nobody grows stronger than them
She once said to me those words, the words that she says to him
Mine's rotting and dying from behind the skin
Is it that time again?
No, no!
His body, your body– I know how it ends
With lies so white, the dirt you've hidden comes to light
All I want's to make you smile
All I want's to make you mine
But it's always a waste of me
All I want's to bring you down
All I want's to make you hurt
And ask how much is this dead?
I know your body like the palm of my hand
He's got his hands on you, you got your hands on him
Does the dirt rub off when he's touching your lips?
Are you proud of yourself?
This is making me sick!
It's all I can think of
You don't realize we'll never be the same
Tell me– am I calling your phone while you're calling out his name?
Somebody's warm body
Anyone's will do
I'll just do like you do
I'll just do like you do
Cause I know what goes on behind closed blinds
With hands that red tell me who needs the evidence?
All I want's to make you proud
All I want's the best for you
But it's only a waste of time
All I want's to make you beg
All I want's to watch this burn
Tell me, is there any green left at all?
And I'll be strong
I swear I'm strong
I'll be alive and wrong

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