Текст песни Rio Da Yung Og — Showstopper, Lyrics

(Ooh, Sav killed it)
What up, Sav?
Ghetto Boyz shit, nigga

I’m the one who put you niggas on, this the thanks I get?
Clutchin’ on an AR pistol when I take a shit
I got ten notebooks stacked up, my paper thick
You really want that thirty-six, baby, make a wish
I can be fucked up, ’cause I could take a trip
I ain’t really learn shit in school, but I can make a brick
Do this shit for ninety days, it’ll make you rich
I just hit the baddest bitch and I ain’t paid for shit
This an Audemars, this a Yachtmaster
This a quarter-million-dollar car, I can’t drive faster
You was talkin’ ’bout some good shit, but it do not matter
Pockets swoled up, put on some more pants, they got fatter
I’m in a five-fish with the stick on me
Curtains in the back windows and it’s tint on it
Thе Rio chain background, spent a brick on it
So many hundreds stacked up, could do a flip off ‘еm
Pair of my own cups from Starbucks, I don’t sip coffee
Sat in the ten for two weeks and got a brick off me
Bitch, I’m a big baller
Ain’t no thirty clip in here, this a SIG Sauer
Nine thousand for this whip, this a big quarter
Hey, junkie, I got an eighty script, go and get water
Bitch thought I was a trick, I gave her six dollars
Plus she ain’t get to see the Benz, I’m in an Impala
Beat her down for an hour, got her clit throbbin’
Why y’all talkin’ ’bout pape’? The whole clique starvin’
I can do a whole EP tonight and sell a brick tomorrow
Rolls truck two-fifty, this a big car
Eleven hundred miles on the Scat’, I can get far
Hundred thousand on the car I’m in, it’s not a mow power
Hit his Hellcat with somethin’ big, now it’s a go-kart
If .308 hit his fender, bet it won’t start
Sprayed the car in traffic, hit the transmission, now it won’t park
Blacked out when I grabbed the chop, it got so dark
Bitch, you know your baby daddy broke, don’t start
My fiend just got a bonus check and bought the whole jar
One day I seen an old AK flip a whole car
I don’t know what I did last night, I took a whole bar
I don’t drink liquor but I’ll walk in Truth and buy the whole bar
Y’all my people, so I gotta tell the truth, I bought the whole car
Your son told me where your stash at, damn, he so smart
Book the opps and we gon’ start clappin’ ‘fore the show start

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