Upgrade Red Stirling Engine Generator Engine Micro Engine Model Steam Engine Hobby Birthday Gift

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Description:How to use:1. Turn the flywheel by hand to see if it is smooth, and adjust the related screws not smoothly (it has been adjusted before sale)2. Check whether each sliding part is clean;3. Fill the alcohol lamp below two thirds;4. Ignite the alcohol lamp and put it on the front of the test tube. After about 1 minute, turn the flywheel and the engine rotates. The warm-up time with generator is slightly longer.Cautions: 1. Do not touch the test tube and the metal connected to it to avoid burns.2. Lit the alcohol lamp for a long time, and the alcohol lamp cannot be touched easily to avoid burns.3. Suitable for operation over 8 years old, under the supervision of 8-year-old parents.4. During heating, do not touch the cotton tube of alcohol lamp, the piston cannot be oiled, and both ends of the connecting rod need to be lubricated.Package included:1 x Upgrade Red Stirling Engine Generator

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