10-30M Cable Push Puller 6.5mm Dia Wire Fish Tape Electrical Wire Threader Wire Puller Fastener Cable Tensioner Push Pul

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Descriptions:Name:Cable Push PullerMaterial: polyester, steelStem diameter: 6.5 (mm)Length: 30 (m)Line density: 8(g/m)Temperature range: 8CTraction fracture tension: 8(kg)Minimum bending radius: 8(mm)Traction breaking tension: 8(T)Spindle diameter: 8(mm)Wire diameter: 6.5 mmLine length: 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30mFeatures:- Good toughness, easy to bend, corrosion resistance.- Storage tube made of strong composited material.- Quick cable tights can save your working time can pull multi thread wires.- Have the best elasticity and friction reduction.- Durable and compact storage reel save the space and easy to use.Package included:1 x Cable Push Puller

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